Business Agility Conference Vienna 2019

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Business Agility Conference is a highly diverse format. This is not a traditional conference. It is 50% on-site hands-on interaction. Hence here we can only provide parts of the conference for retrospect, the short TED-style impulse talks.

Still very worthwhile short stories to listen to. Hopefully triggering inspiration for your own path.

Beyond Budgeting – Business Agility in Practice

Bjarte Bogsnes

How do you plan all the work of 650 people for three months?

Huub Hopman 

Fostering Business Agility in the RBI Corporate Banking Community

Boris Pelikan and Susanne Burgstaller 

Phil Abernathy

Crafting a business agility transformation

Marina Alex 

Make your business run better with Agile in Sales

Pia-Maria Thorén

Motivation beyond sticks and carrots

Sandi Mamoli

How Self-Selection Lets People Excel

Carlo Bucciarelli

This Transformation Is Not Your Baby

Gerard Claassen

Non model, radical Agile approach meeting hard deadlines in a complex stakeholder field

Dr. Uta-Maria Ohndorf

Transformation Journey Roche Diagnostics Austria – to dare or not to dare?

Àngel Garrido and Dr. Adrian Perreau de Pinninck

Change or die: Transforming the whole organization with Sociocracy 3.0

Harald Wild

Leadership and agile core values over frameworks

Doug Kirkpatrick

Futurework: Managing Complexity With Simplicity

John Buck

Probe your Organization! How Complexity Supports implementing Business Agility

Stephen Parry

From Make-and-Sell to Sense-and-Respond: Shaping the Business and Work-Climate towards Agility, Adaptiveness and Differentiation.

Christoph Schmiedinger

From random chosen to business-centered teams

Filip Hendrickx and Karen Peirens

Break the code: the bumpy road to intrapreneurship

Dr. Christine Knackfuss and Ralf Niemeyer

Deutsche Telekom – Business Agility Entrepreneurs

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