Convince Your Company Sending You to the
Business Agility Conference
in Vienna

We understand that it’s not always easy to get approval or funding to attend a conference. That is why we’ve put this letter together to help you. The goal is to align the benefits of attending directly to the goals of your company.

Let them understand Why

DownloaAs Simon Sinek says, ‘start with Why!’ Think about the key benefit to attending?

  • Are you a coach or consultant? Business Agility coaches earn an average of 20% more than agile coaches. This is especially valuable if you work for a vendor.
  • Is your organisation going through a business agility transformation? Our stories are from people who are literally doing that right now. Emphasise the direct learning you’ll get as well as avoiding the mistakes that other organisations have made.
  • Does your organisation have a culture of continuous learning? The Business Agility Conferences are advanced events with active learning built in through the interactive deep-dives.
  • Is your organisation in an industry that’s being disrupted? So are half our presenters – learn from them.
  • Is there a speaker talking on a topic that directly addresses one of your strategic goals?

Write your Personal Letter

Once you know how this could help your organisation, it’s time to put it in words. Make sure you clearly articulate the benefits and what you’ll do to achieve that.

  • Are you going to report back on what you’ve learned? Remember, we’ll share videos and slides after the conference to help you.
  • Do you want to engage with a specific speaker? Let us know and we’ll try and put you in contact during the event.
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Credit where credit is due. This has been inspired by the great work of the Agile Alliance for their Agile 20xx conferences –

We hope to see you at the conference.